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 Image from a ToyFDTD4 simulation
 Image from a ToyFDTD4 simulation

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 red bullet What is this? ToyFDTD4, developed by Bai Ming, is a 3D FDTD code implementing a point source in a free-space mesh with Mur absorbing boundaries. Output is to Viz5D.
           Like other ToyFDTD codes, ToyFDTD4 is published under the GNU General Public License. Unlike the other Toycodes, it has not been tested here, since we don't have the correct compiler and platform. It's also not heavily commented.

 red bullet Language: Pascal

 red bullet Author: Bai Ming

 red bullet Why it's cool:

 red bullet Demonstrates Viz5D, a remarkable visualization tool
 red bullet Demonstrates 3D FDTD in Pascal
 red bullet More practical coding style: ToyFDTD1 was written to be read, not developed as a tool. The Toycode style is great for trying out new capabilities or demonstrating them to others, but ToyFDTD4 is written more in a style a programmer would use when planning to seriously develop the features of the code over time.

 red bullet Simulations run with ToyFDTD4: The following animation and images show a point source in free space.

 Image of point source in free space   Movie:
  blue dot 256x256 mpeg, ~35 frames [.84Mb]
   red dot 400x400 gif [19Kb]
Point source, showing H field values. The image shows the Hz intensities in yellow and the Hy intensities in orange. This capability of showing two volume data sets at once is a fabulous feature of Viz5D. The movie shows Hz over 10 timesteps, then halts while the volume rotates, then shows the same 10 timesteps again from the new angle. The final frame of the movie shows Hz and Hy together.

The Ex field component, with views sliced through the center of the x, y, and z axes.

The Ey field component, with views sliced through the center of the x, y, and z axes.

The Ez field component, with views sliced through the center of the x, y, and z axes.

 red bullet Bai Ming's drawing of his Mur ABC implementation:

 red bullet So where's the source already?

View ToyFDTD4 Pascal code
Download ToyFDTD4 source:
compressed: ToyFDTD4-v0.1.2.tar.gz
uncompressed: ToyFDTD4-v0.1.2.tar

You'll want to check out the README file that comes with the code for some helpful notes. For info on un-compressing or un-tarring the tar files, see the ToyFAQ.

 red bullet Release History:

September, 1999  ToyFDTD4-v0.1.1.tar.gz
September, 1999  ToyFDTD4-v0.1.tar.gz
September, 1999  ToyFDTD4-v0.1.2.tar.gz

 red bullet References: Viz5D, ToyFDTD1

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