Spherical and Cartesian coordinates


Caution: Different authors use different conventions for the symbols theta and phi. They are frequently reversed. The convention used here is from Griffiths


3903d9d7fac759eae656c85128185664.png Eqn:B.1
0fa719b34dccf13159af5b49afc7c8d1.png Eqn:B.2
37f6ef9512cdddb7c456be53eb0315bc.png Eqn:B.3

Spherical and Cartesian coordinate conversions

Some identities. (Griffiths pp. 38, and back cover) Conversion between spherical and Cartesian coordinates

5755bb66bb3fdf8be31d20b06eb1a32b.png Eqn:B.4
0db51f01e0e71983852b7c2932b4775b.png Eqn:B.5

Gradient and Curl in Spherical coordinates

Some identities. (Griffiths pp. 42,447) Gradient and Curl in spherical coordinates:

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